Accomplish: To-Do list reborn


A calendar that helps you remember all your dates


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Accomplish: To-Do list Reborn is a calendar application in which you can write down all your appointments, plan your schedule in a simple and intuitive way, and activate special reminders so you never forget about anything important.

The most important feature in Accomplish: To-Do list Reborn is its easy-to-use interface, which lets you add any appointment to your calendar with just a swipe over the screen. It's really simple: you just have to write the title of your appointment, and then place it on the correct date. Sliding from the sides you can adjust the exact time for the date.

You can assign a color to each of your appointments, so you see them even more clearly. You can choose how long before the date you'll receive a notification. For instance, you can receive a notification for a meeting with a friend just 10 minutes before, but a notification for the doctors appointment with 2 hours of anticipation.

Accomplish: To-Do list Reborn is an excellent calendar app. It lets you organize your daily activities in a simple and easy way. In the settings, you can choose among several different themes, all of them really elegant.
Accomplish, the simplest task organizer

Lots of people don’t like to mess with tools to organize their to-do lists, as they see using them as more complicated than just memorizing the lists outright. Todoist,, and Wunderlist are good examples of that: efficient tools for those looking for a high level of customization in their daily planning. To simplify things a good bit, three Israeli kids have arrived with their Accomplish app: a practical and intuitive task organizer for Android.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher